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We offer private careers consultancy packages for parents who want their children to have a complete one-to-one experience.

Guidance discussions delivered by an impartial qualified Careers Adviser can motivate and inspire, while empowering and equipping your child to make independent and informed decisions. This type of support can be valuable from Years 9 to Year 13 to discuss developing careers plans and enable students to make informed post-16 decisions (-appropriate subject choice, work experience and skills development).

EC Careers can administer a careers guidance tool, a psychometric assessment to help students to identify potential career paths and make informed decisions about their study options. Participating students will take a 100-minute online assessment and questionnaire which measure a variety of elements including career interests, work attitudes, talents and motivations. Once the assessment is complete, students will have access to personally tailored career and education suggestions, plus a wealth of careers-related resources.

Each student will receive:
– A personalised, 25+ page candidate report which is available to view and download on-line.
– Lifetime access to the Morrisby careers and education resource website including email access to a qualified, independent Careers Adviser
– In School Feedback session on results
– One to one personal guidance agreeing a personalised action plan, available online for student, parent and school to view
– Access to a personal area on the website containing all their results, analyses and reports coupled with career and route planning tools and information

Our Careers Guidance package-

Aims to stimulate discussion about 16+, 18+ and 21+ decisions
Confirms ideas or opens up new options to explore
Provides objective information
Looks at aptitude, interests and personality
Indicates potential …… not necessarily achievement
Complements other information already known, such as talents in drama, art, music, sport, languages, etc
Provides accurate up to date details on career and education pathways

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